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Montana: Measure to Amend State’s Medical Cannabis Program Signed By Governor

Update: Governor Steve Buillock signed SB 333 into law on May 23.

Update: In a final vote on Tuesday, the House voted 68-31 for Senate Bill 333, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mary Caferro of Helena. The Senate passed the bill 34-16 last week.

House and Senate lawmakers are in the final stages of reconciling legislation, SB 333, to amend the state’s medical cannabis program. The measure is anticipated to be transmitted to the Governor imminently.

The legislation makes several amendments to I-182, which voters passed in November.

The measure establishes various rules and regulations regarding the operation of cannabis dispensaries, production facilities, and testing labs. It does not amend the expanded list of qualifying conditions enacted by I-182. However, SB 333 does impose new taxes on medical marijuana gross sales. NORML opposes taxes of medical cannabis. It also reduces the number of seedlings qualified patients are permitted to possess at home from 12 to no more than four. It also imposes limits regarding the total harvest of cannabis permitted per patient.