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Arkansas: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Tax Measure

Update: An amended version of HB 1580 was signed into law and is now Act 1098. It states, “A cultivation facility, dispensary, or other marijuana business shall collect and remit a special privilege tax of four percent from the gross receipts or gross proceeds derived from each sale of usable marijuana."

Update: The House concurred, and HB 1580 now awaits Governor Hutchinson's signature.

Update: The Senate approved HB 1580 with a 31-1 vote. The bill already passed the House, but was sent back there for a concurrence vote after amendments were added in the Senate.

Update: HB 1580 was returned by committee, with recommendation that it Do Pass.

Update: HB 1580 was referred to committee in the Senate.

Update: HB 1580 was approved by House lawmakers in a 77 to 3 vote. It now awaits action by the Senate.

House Bill 1580 imposes a special eight percent statewide tax upon medical marijuana sales. This tax would be in addition to the imposition of existing state and local taxes.

While NORML generally does not oppose the imposition of fair and reasonable sales taxes on the commercial sales of cannabis for recreational purposes, we do not support such excessive taxation on medical sales. Most other states that regulate medical cannabis sales do not impose such taxes and Arkansas patients should not be forced to pay these excessive costs.

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