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Virginia: Juvenile Expungement Bill Fails In House Committee

UPDATE: SB 796 has passed the Senate but was tabled on February 15 on a voice vote by the House Courts of Justice, Subcommittee on Criminal Law. The measure will not be considered further this session.


Sen. Ryan McDougle has introduced SB 796, which creates a expungement by petition process for individuals under 21 who are convicted of marijuana possession, underage alcohol possession, or use of a false ID.

McDougle’s bill would protect Virginia citizens from lifelong ramifications that can come from the punishments for juvenile possession or other minor crimes. Saddling teens with a criminal record can make getting a job near-impossible and is an unfair burden to place on an individual.

Juvenile expungement is not a perfect solution by any means, but it does provide some layer of protection for those under 21.

For more information, contact Virginia NORML http://www.vanorml.org/ to see how you can help in your area.

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