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Tennessee: Support Measure To Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalties

Update: SB 265 failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Update: HB 297 and HB 831 were taken off notice for cal. in Criminal Justice committee.

Update: HB 831 has been placed on cal. Criminal Justice committee for March 21.

Update: HB 297 has been placed on cal. Criminal Justice Committee for March 15.

Update: Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 8 voted 6 to 3 to kill SB 265.

Update: SB 1116 has a hearing scheduled for March 28.

Several pieces of legislation are pending to amend marijuana possession penalties.

HB 831 and SB 1116 seek to decriminalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.

Separate legislation is pending in the House and Senate — SB 265 and HB 297 — to reduce penalties associated with the possession of one-eighth of marijuana (3.544 grams) to a $50 fine-only offense. However, under these bills, simple possession would still remain classified as a misdemeanor.

Under present law, the possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $250 fine. 

Please contact your elected officials and urge them to move forward with this effort to reduce marijuana possession penalties.

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