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Connecticut: Oppose The Bill To Impose Presumptive THC Impairment Standards

Update: Lawmakers failed to move AB 6198 out of committee. No action will be taken on this measure this legislative session.

Assembly Bill 6198 prohibits “a person from operating a motor vehicle with a concentration of marijuana in the blood” of 5 ng/ml or more of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol in his or her blood. 

NORML opposes this proposal.

The presence of low levels of THC in blood is an inappropriate and inconsistent indicator of psychomotor impairment. No less than the United States Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) agrees, stating, "It is difficult to establish a relationship between a person's THC blood or plasma concentration and performance impairing effects. ... It is inadvisable to try and predict effects based on blood THC concentrations alone." 

It should not be presumed that the detection of THC is predictive of psychomotor impairment and such a presumption should not be codified in Connecticut traffic safety statutes. The imposition and enforcement of this measure risks inappropriately convicting unimpaired subjects of traffic safety violations.

Enter your information below to let your member of the Assembly know that you oppose this unscientific proposal.

Connecticut is one of a growing number of states where lawmakers are considering regulating cannabis for adults. NORML will continue to update you in the coming weeks as this proposal moves forward during legislative session. You can sign up to receive information about Connecticut NORML's upcoming lobby days here. 

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